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White Male

Jason Lahr


Michael Krueger



Mark Crisanti


Tom McDonald




In our patriarchal art world where white males were the dominant majority, focus has shifted to the opposite sex and/or other ethnicities. We are here to say we are sick of it and we are not going to take it anymore. Seriously.... white males have been ignored and are getting the short end of the stick (pardon the pun). White males must unite and draw attention to themselves as a minority group. This exhibition celebrates the eurocentric white male point of view and its male gaze into its own navel.

Mark Crisanti -- paints human figures with various bird heads free falling from birch tree wallpaper. These "men" in business suits are reminiscent of the well-known 80's series by Robert Longo. The fact that these bird-headed-entities are not flying, metaphorically plays with what one is seeing and the disconnect with the avian reference.

Michael Krueger -- recent colored pencil drawings are focused on memory and history. The images illustrate how the past is interrupted by the present. Krueger's goal is to encourage viewers to reconsider past events. These are filtered through his idiosyncratic vision, and can be perceived as humorous and serious simultaneously. Visually, the traditions of satire and caricature dominate in his work.

Jason Lahr -- makes paintings, drawings, and installations dealing with the construction of masculine identity through mass culture. His work reflects an interest in narrative theory regarding how a viewer pieces together a story through appropriated imagery and short text. The Boy Scouts, postmodern fiction, Star Wars, Death Metal logos, hunting/fishing images, Johnny Cash, and Ol' Dirty Bastard are just some of the offbeat subjects he amalgamates.

Tom McDonald -- is a do-it-yourselfer, though not like the hip DIY movement laden with feminist rhetoric. His blue-collar values shine through his metal shop aesthetic. McDonald expands on the idea of Erector sets, Toggle, and model airplanes kits. These male-oriented toys influenced him to use tools and materials for creative thinking and problem solving. His sculptures step into the personal realm touching the innocence of being a child and the mature understanding that comes with being an adult.