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eleanor spiess-ferris






Fecundity - a noun which describes creativity - a fruitful condition in nature as well as within her own being. Nature and the metaphors surrounding Her have been the fertile source of her ideas and works. She listens and acknowledges Her tenuous existence.

Some ideas from the great writer Ed Krantz succinctly express Eleanor's art.
"The idea of transformation inherent in Symbolist art is altered in the work of Spiess-Ferris. While her figures, often women, are linked to an earthly world of roots, trees, leaves, and birds, they are also subconsciously distant. This detachment is a means for them to discover their revealed selves and to create an opening to that authentic unconscious portion that dwells unheard and unseen, covered by women's historically apportioned roles and society's masks and conventions"
Excerpted from the artist's exhibition catalogue, Sketches, Orchards & Dark Ponds.