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Camille Iemmolo's art comes from a raw place somewhere inside. She grew up in a religious household with a complex cast of family members: sailors, painters, crafters, fine furniture makers, radio pioneers, collectors and even Vaudevillian singers. And then there are the nurses...those that saved with their tall dark tales. To escape Iemmolo took to riding her horse and recently took it up to escape again. This past May, she took a very serious fall over a jump and broke her neck, just escaping death, a sure miracle that she walks today. When she fell from her high horse literally, came this body of work, Secret Society.

Secret Society is an odd body of work using mostly found object materials with drawing elements: Paper, charcoal, trash, tape, staples, wire, band-aids, paint, string and more tape. There are also large-scale installation elements. Thousands of packaged band-aids adhered with tape...manifesting in a 10-foot house dedicated to her brother and daughter and metaphorically...the world's condition-human suffering and how we endure. This body of work is concerned with what you thought your life would become when a child╔what your life has become and space in-between. A place where our minds, not always aware, seem to rest comfortably. A place of denial. The secrets we as a society whisper to ourselves. The difficulty of looking long and hard in the mirror.

The work is clean, simple, childlike, light and airy, yet full of dark human truths. Though the work is quiet, one hopes the viewer will watch closely....like a ghost passing across a silent movie, stirring loud and in their soul.