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Michael Ferris Jr. - Sculpture and Process Drawings









Ferris creates many drawings in connection with each of his sculptures. He works on these drawings as the sculptural process progresses and develops, until completion. Each drawing has a different purpose and is connected to a specific stage of the sculpture's construction. Initially these drawings take the form of straight portraits. At this stage, issues of likeness, proportion and mood are most important. As the sculpture making process unfolds, the drawings serve to work out ideas connected directly to the 3-dimensional piece such as pattern, form, scale, and concept.

In the sculptural work, Ferris creates a dialogue regarding the use of recycled materials, with the initial intent to render an accurate likeness of the subject. However more compelling, is communicating the sitter's "inner world." By contrasting the sculpture's stoic, classical form with its contemporary multi-patterned surface, the aim is then to express the psychological and spiritual complexity of each subject.