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matthew cox







Redefinition of materials motivates Cox to create embroidered x-rays. By joining the cold, blue, medically technical plastic of the x-ray with the colorful, decorative and tactile embroidery thread each is removed from its original intention and creates a new entity. Handling these media also gives him an opportunity to comment on the ever increasing presence of photography in contemporary art by introducing labor over the quick, slickness of film. In Heartthrobs and Avatars, 2011, he transports this technique to a new place using iconic heartthrobs from Pop culture such as Snow White and Miss Piggy and avatars from Eastern religion and Greek mythology such as Ganesha and Minotaur. The possible visual imagery is rich, vast, and exciting. This new move has also gives him an opportunity to physically move out of the rectangle of the x-ray by extending the embroidery upward and outside of the frame.