Lakefront Anonymous show extended!!
November 20/21
Book Signing / Author Talks at 2pm each day

This Weekend! Nov 13/14
Lakefront Anonymous
Book Signing / Author Talks

Lakefront Anonymous photo show
and book signing is coming up...

Exciting Aron Packer Projects

Upcoming Folk, Outsider, and
Self-Taught Art auction
Kickstarter Goal reached!

Kickstarter Campaign Lakefront Anonymous
new book from Bill Swislow
and Aron Packer

Upcoming Folk, Outsider
& Self-Taught Art Auction
- August 12 -

Art and Modern Design Auction - February 25th
Wesley Willis
Upcoming Folk, Outsider, and Self-Taught Art

Two Great Upcoming Auctions
Dec 3rd & 6th

Keeping in touch
Upcoming shows

Upcoming Art & Design auction
Joe Coleman works

Upcoming Auction May 6th
From the Collection of the Oak Park Art League

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