April 30 - June 5, 2004
Nature Boy
Paintings, Video, Books, and Ephemera

Friese Undine (Gallery One)








Primatologist Franz de Waal states, "Between kissing and severe biting there is a whole continuum of inhibited biting, mock biting, playful gnawing and love bites." Artist Friese Undine loosely bases some of the work in this exhibition on these words. De Waal's analysis of a primate's romantic behavioral pattern itself has become the artist's statement, and represents a theme of this show.

Working with varied media Undine examines the primitive nature of humanity and places both man and monkey back together again. His paintings continue in his tradition of propaganda-with text informing the work and poetically commenting on the ideals of relationships, culture, and politics. Compositionally, his work resembles classic vintage posters that might have been taped to kiosks in the 1920's.

One component of the show is a collaboration with Joe Szentivanyi, video artist. Szentivanyi, documented the performance of My Life in Law Enforcement performed with Theater Oobleck, and edited the work to be a freestanding video collaboration. The same Oobleck production featured a sculptural puppet theater also on display during this exhibition.

It is difficult to describe Undine's work. The very act of paraphrasing it is contradictory to his approach. Like many artists, he prefers to let the work speak for itself. He includes text only to emphasize further the obscurity of the piece-redirecting or diminishing any preconceived notions. The subjective is what makes his art complete.

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