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size matters!!!








This summer group show features mostly large-scale work maximizing our space upstairs... making you laugh or cry....and whatever might be in-between.

Mark Crisanti - multiples of cast resin small human figures with bird heads.... one cannot tell if they are flying or falling.

Laurel Roth/Andy Diaz Hope (collaboration) - a tapestry with imagery of genetically altered animals and plants done in a European tapestry tradition.

Victoria Fuller - Safety Star... a Buckminster Fuller-esque starburst made from fluorescent orange street cones.

Jenn Wilson - an epic American landscape painting of a stag hunt executed in a traditional, yet contemporary manner.

Michael T. Rea - self-portrait sculpture of the artist as Hans Solo "frozen" in carbonite, complete with tongue-in-cheek bulging appendage reinforcing the title of the show!

Jud Bergeron - wood tower of letters, jigsaw cut in the enlarged handwriting of the poet, who wrote the poem the sculpture is based on.... It is one entire poem, entitled Second Chances.

Renee McGinnis - a machine-age interpretation of the Merchandise Mart flanked by McGinnis' new twins as Cupids flying over a post-apocalyptic topiary Garden of Eden.

Don Cameron - formal abstracted painting of a body exploding, commenting on the aesthetics of violence in war.

Catherine Jacobi - 'Mary' is a skull formed from wood veneer layers, carved wood and the history of one woman through her reclaimed documents.

David Hooker - multiple piece ceramic wall sculpture of a house spewing funny things out of its smokestack....some hand-done and some from molds.

Doug Smithenry - grid version of Coming Out Online, in which teens out themselves on YouTube, arranged in the colored layers of the gay pride rainbow flag.

Rebecca Ringquist - Veiled fractured narratives executed with hand embroidery and machine stitching.