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Ian Schneller will create a sculptural and sonic exhibition in the gallery. Similar to his Sonic Arboretum installations at the MCA and the Guggenheim Museum, Schneller will premier new work with new music - so we are especially excited to present this master artist. This exhibit will include a unique sound installation with newly styled Specimen horn speakers, Sonic Arboretum horn groves, tube amplifiers, and Schneller's Aerosel moving sculptures. Specimen speakers powered by the handmade tube amplifiers co-mingle 1940s tube technology with modern digital components creating an aural and visual installation that can only be experienced on location.

This sound installation offers a fresh and vibrant take on Schneller's Sonic Arboretum. The music composed by Glen Kotche (percussionist/drummer for Wilco), will feature recorded performances by eighth blackbird and Kronos Quartet.

In terms of clientele, Ian Schneller has work placed with many great musicians and tastemakers. Here is a partial list: Wilco, Andrew Bird, Jack White, Franz Ferdinand, Eleventh Dream Day, My Morning Jacket, Tortoise, Phoenix, Veruca Salt, Russian Circles, Low.