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Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers






Wright Rivers has been making "tapestries" of wire and beads for more than a decade. Other media call to her, but she continues to be enchanted by the possibilities within this framework. Her techniques are simple, repetitive, and meticulous and allow her to create the work from a mental place she can watch as the whole emerges, yet at the same time make the myriad decisions involved in creating the parts. She makes hand constructed textiles, an activity that connects her emotionally to ancient and widespread traditions. Handmade objects and materials carry a bit of the maker's story and time within them. The looping method that she uses allows her to incorporate the embellishment into the construction, creating a finished textile in which surface and structure are one.

The work is an ongoing exploration of line and color in space, with light and shadow being an important collaborator. Wire is line and beads are color. She embraces the stories and texture inherent in beads and objects reclaimed from a former use.

Living in rural Central California, she watches the light and color affect and transform her visual surroundings. She observes closely the way the feathers move on her chicken's necks. She enjoys the way bean plants twine around sticks and copper tubing. She is inspired by the sun shining through the wild oats. And loves how plants and growing things are perfectly imperfect. Their repeats are the same only different.