Opening July 12th at Packer Schopf Gallery
Hank Feeley / Thomas C. Jackson / Vesna Jovanovic / Dave Ford
Reception Friday, July 12th    5 - 8 PM

Hank Feeley Thomas C. Jackson Vesna Jovanovic Dave Ford

Hank Feeley / Thinking Outside the Box / painting
Hank Feeley's work is all about color and composition. He's obsessed about collecting images. He has boxes and boxes of them. He goes through them every time he makes a new painting. When he sees them anew, reshuffled and in a different context, he gets fresh ideas about them. That's his inspiration. He takes disparate images and ideas and collages them into a colorful, provocative composition.

Thomas C. Jackson / Halo / work on paper
Thomas C. Jackson also combines images to create broken narratives. He pairs human figures with objects from the everyday world. A color "halo" raises the importance of the object so it functions like a story starter or Rorschach test. These drawings are very much of the artist's hand. Controlled line sometimes slip into a more expressionistic mode. Drawing from life imparts spontaneity, immediacy, and intimacy. Drawing objects from photo documentation adds a contrasting precision. These combinations are both evocative and thought provoking.

Vesna Jovanovic / Tender Anatomy / watercolor
Sprouting vertebrae, multicolored intestines, and floating ribs appear in this new body of work. Evoking scientific illustration, Jovanovic combines spontaneous inkblots with delicate renderings of plants, human organs, and architectural forms. Tender Anatomy straddles the line between fact and fiction, inviting the audience to reach beyond the physical body. Squirmy and intuitive, these drawings manifest Jovanovic's visceral responses to unfamiliar environments and experiences.

Dave Ford / Hauling Graphite: Five Road Recordings / graphite on paper
Lines accumulate as Ford drives a 12' truck with 100 pencil-tipped water bottle pendulums dancing above the paper lined bed. On the road, he checks the drawing, often sharpening pencils, sometimes removing or adding a bottle depending on where he wants a specific quality of marks or textures. After fifteen years and several Truck Drawing projects later, "panels" from separate trips will be shown together for the first time. The burst patterns created by the bottles as Ford drives across the country evoke a grace that simultaneously jars with the truck as medium and flows with the rhythm of travel. 5 Runs: Dallas to New York, El Paso to Falls Village, CT, San Francisco to Las Cruces, NM, Santa Fe to Chicago, and Chicago / Philadelphia round trip.

Packer Schopf Gallery    942 W. Lake St Chicago, IL 60607

Exhibition Run: July 12 - August 17     Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am to 5:30pm

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