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Lauren Levato / Andréa Stanislav / Bruce Riley / Deborah Baker
Reception Friday, January 11th    5 - 8 PM

Lauren Levato Andréa Stanislav Bruce Riley Deborah Baker

Hi everyone... Happy New Year! We have a great season coming up and hope you can make it out to our receptions or to visit the gallery anytime during gallery hours. We'd be pleased to have you attend our first exhibition of 2013, featuring Lauren Levato, Andréa Stanislav, Bruce Riley, and Deborah Baker. Details on their respective shows follow.

Lauren Levato / Wunderkammer / drawing
Artist and writer Lauren Levato is a collector of exotic and unusual specimens with a focus on the entomological and anatomical. Levato's newest work comes from the intersection of wonder and memory and how the body itself becomes a Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities), amassing all manner of mysterious and confounding issues, dramas, revelations, and dilemmas that either touch us as a fleeting corporeal moment or take up permanent residence in the body's collection.

Andréa Stanislav / Wilderness of Mirrors / sculpture / glitter constructions / video
Taking its title from a line in the T.S. Elliot poem, Gerontion, (1920), Andréa's work for this exhibition confronts the idea of non-places -- interchangeable nodes of hyper capitalism dedicated to consumption and transit. Each non-place is disturbingly similar, whether in London, Dubai or Tokyo -- airports -- duty free shops -- chain restaurants and similar interchangeable spaces devoid of ties to community or locale. This exhibition continues the artist's endeavor of interrogating global political and cultural tensions through a lens of the abstract and the sublime.

Bruce Riley / Psychedelic / mixed media painting
Bruce Riley is an alchemist. Itís an overused term in abstract painting but in this case itís true. Using experimental techniques for creating the paintings for his current show, Riley plans his paintings, but along the way he wrangles the accidents and mistakes that are inevitable. The recent paintings have a psychedelic, organic sculptural feel about them. Riley paints for himself, but if the viewers were to forget themselves while looking at these pieces, they would be as close as one can get to an understandable meaning.

Deborah Baker / Zodiac / embroidery
Chicago artist Deborah Baker remembers learning to sew before she could write her name. In 2006, she began making embroidered pictures. Her stitched pieces are drawings in cotton embroidery floss on natural linen, with no sketching done beforehand. All are stitched by hand, and are narrative and semi-autobiographical in content. She cites womenís traditional needle arts, Mexican art, and folk art among her major influences. This is her 4th solo show with the gallery.

On Thursday night, January 10th, from 5:30PM to 7PM before the gallery reception on Friday night.... Bill Harrison has a show at a private location. If you would like to attend this private reception you'll have to contact me for details. Bill is the artist who does the great biker portraits and has a few other new works to round out this show.

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Exhibition Run: January 11 - February 16     Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am to 5:30pm

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