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Michael Krueger - So Alone and Mystified






So Alone & Mystified revisits imagery and themes of rebellion, utopianism, and 'back to nature' movements of the 1970's. In concentrated colored pencil on paper work, Krueger weaves together images of abandon hippie communes, Vietnam era Zippo lighter imagery & text, lone figuration and the landscape as a mystic force. Michael's return to the ideals of the 1970's represents a longing for a time of optimism and rebellion and also shared remorse in the failures of past generations. A quote from Krueger follows.

"Narrative is a powerful force in our everyday life and I believe we long for an unfolding of the ordinary into the mythic. I am searching for the extraordinary in everyday life and looking at history and landscape, as means to better understand a world that is built on past events and memories. A deep sense of self, hope, melancholy, mystery and a vein of tenderness are qualities that I seek to have in my work."