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Bebe Krimmer










Bebe Krimmer is making her solo debut with Packer Schopf Gallery. Krimmer's main visual language is collage, with this body of work exploring her interest in language and subject. While there is a major alphabet piece, the majority of the show addresses works about Art. Krimmer often works in series, with combinations of small pieces that are self-contained, but also play against the others in the series.

Created with improvisation in mind, the multi layered collages work like rhythms, where one layer plays against another. She says the visuals speak to her a little bit like jazz: Harmony, Tension, Color, Scale, Shape. Making work that can be enjoyed on several levels, the discovery of a less obvious idea or element, or unique structural complexity is a personal mark that exemplifies the work. Her goal is always to produce art that combines the resolution of her personal aesthetic, as well as work to which the viewer can relate.