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Catherine Jacobi
Things of this World






Most recently my work has been influenced by poet Richard Wilbur's comment about writing poetry.

"I do think it's almost always true that a poem begins when two things, perhaps an inner thing and an outer thing which hadn't been together before, suddenly converge and feel as if they wanted to make something new." In this work, everyday objects from the simplest and most overlooked places reference basic human nature and anatomy. Years of collected newspapers, photos, kitchen tables and chairs, outboard propellers, and baby shoes, all bound to be discarded or at the very least dismissed, leverage the "something new." Starting these conversations in the vernacular, engages what one already knows, juxtaposes and constructs. It is a common commentary that the constancy of objects, which endure in our memories, only ever change.

Jacobi has a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture (1987) from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture (1985) from Drake University, Des Moines, IA.