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Donald Cameron





Presenting a world animated by ripe phosphorescence, Donald Cameron introduces his third body of paintings and video for Packer Schopf Gallery. For the last decade Cameron has used an inchoate language of beauty to describe various ill-fitting subject matters. Based on a series of small studies made at the Art Biotop residency in Shoudoshima, Japan, these oil paintings are submerged within a painterly application and euphoric use of color, with tangles of rotten crumbling landscapes fragmenting into kaleidoscopic abstraction. The accompanying video work 'Lattice' is an amalgam of demolition footage melting into a continuously free-falling flow of color and form. The breakdown of meaning caused by beauty is an idea central to Cameron's work, as well as skepticism towards the omnipresence of design in society. His inspirations include artists with similar concerns such as Francisco Goya and Jack Goldstein.

Donald Cameron was born and currently works in New York City. Recent solo exhibitions include "Enjoy the Violence" at the Museum of New Art in Pontiac, MI; "Visual Rhetoric and the Aesthetics of Suffering" at Packer Schopf Gallery; and "Bi-Shuu" at MeiPAM Gallery in Shoudoshima, Japan. His work is in the collection of the Cranbrook Museum of Art and the Daimler-Chrysler Corporate Collection among others.